Google removed Tablet section from Android official website ahead of 10th anniversary

One of the most popular smartphone operating system Android is entering into its ten years. Ever since the Google acquired and commercially produced the Android, the company seemed to be focusing mainly on smartphones only. Even lately, the OEMs came forward with the tablets but did not go well. Now, it seems the company continues its avoidance towards the Android-powered tablet devices by removing the section from the official website.

Android tablet
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The archived version of the website, as saved 24 hours ago, the tablet section was there among the top header bar listing, next to the phones. But now, it is not visible. Also, the page which they used to display information regarding tablets is not accessible now. While visiting the page, the web automatically redirects to the home page. It is clearly an ignorance from the side of Internet giant towards the large screened tablet PC running on Android operating SYstem.

As the Google continues doing this, it is not sure if the OEMs would resume manufacturing tablets. Currently, Samsung and Huawei are more determined in making Android tablets. Also, we could see this as Google’s aim towards turning the OS into a smartphone-focused one only. Unlike iOS, the Android would soon be settled just across handheld smartphone devices. However, third-party developers and companies might continue to develop the tablets with Operating System optimized for larger screens.

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