Google releases Motion Stills app for Android devices

In 2016, Google released an app for iPhone devices which lets you stabilize iPhone’s live photos. This app is named as Motion Stills and it takes short video clips when you click a photo and it changes into a live photo. It has received huge great feedback from the users worldwide. Now, Google released this app for the Android devices too.

Unlike some third party photo stabilizing apps, it doesn’t let you import your existing live photos. But you can create new 1-minute video clips instantly. The app lets you create up to 1-minute videos and 3-second videos. The 1-minute videos are named as fast forwards and the 3-second videos are named as Motion Stills.

The app is very fast and reliable. Google’s intelligent algorithm automates everything and detects the moments to stabilize easily. Also, you don’t have to wait till it processes your recordings. Everything happens in a blink of an eye. Because it is a real time stabilizing app. After recording the clips, you can save it as GIFs. The app provides an option for saving and sharing as GIF file.

In order to display your Motion Stills stream immediately, Google algorithm computes and stores the necessary stabilizing transformation as a low-resolution texture map.They leverage this texture to apply the stabilization transform using the GPU in real-time during playback, instead of writing a new, stabilized video that would tax your mobile hardware and battery.


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