Google releases Android Things Developer Preview 5

Google’s initiative to the IoT (Inter of Things) has been emerged by the announcement of the Android Things OS, which is an Android Based SoM (System on Module) compatible Operating system, which would be capable of doing many tasks as per the preprogrammed instructions. The Google has now released the fifth version of Developer Preview for the Android Things with additional support and integrations.

With the new rollout, the Google has upgraded the API Level t 26 which is the Android 8.0.0 O base and OpenGL ES 2.0 support. THe Android Things now supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and WebView on the Raspberry Pi 3. Modules.  Murata SprIoT 6UL is also now backed by the Developer Preview 5, while the giant has revoked the support for discontinued Intel Joule and Intel Edison SoCs. They will remain as Legacy Support, but no more updates.

In case you don’t get a clear picture of ANdroid Things, it works with micro controller boards, IoT enabled devices and chipsets to turn them into smart objects. For example, with the Android Things integration, you can have SMart Refrigerators, smart TVs, SMart Washing machines, SMart Microwave Ovens, etc. The arrival of Android Things is also beneficial for the current developers of Raspberry Pi and other similar development boards. The Android Things is entirely based on ANdroid platform, so that it could support ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands and operations for the Furthermore developments with the boards.

The new DP5 has some booting bugs, say, several developers.

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