Google Play Music made New Release Radio available to all users

Since June, Google released “New Release Radio” exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Devices. It was an early access feature for the devices. The feature was just alike from Spotify’s Release Radar. The station will work just as Release Radar by leaving the facility to a personalized stream of the music of your tastes.

Google announced that they are going to give New Release Radio to all Google Play Music users. New Release Radio update will be learning the tracks from your listening preferences and genres etc. Especially tracks from recent singles and album releases from last weeks to give an updated station of Music.

The new update brings New Release Radio to each and every user’s Google Play Music for OS updated users. No matter if you are a free radio listener or subscribed one. New Release Radio is available for everyone.

The Radio Stations will update on the daily basis. That’s one of the main advantages. You will be able to listen to new and new music on each and every day. Here is what the Spotify┬áRadio Radar becomes weak. It updates only once in a week.

Get the New Release Radio on Google Play Music from today Onwards.

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