Google Assistant to add new payment system with voice commands

During Google I/O 2017, Google made so many announcements regarding various parts of the Google ecosystem. It includes new operating system versions, new apps, new services and company’s future plans. Along with that, Google announced some important things about the new Android payment system. Google is now planning to add voice-controlled Android payment system within the Google Assistant.

The new payment system in the Google Assistant will let you send and receive payments with any cards linked with your existing Google account. Since it is handled by Google Payment system, the transactions would be completely safe as of now. Also, it will add a new feature which will allow you to send money by just asking like this: “Ok Google! Send $20 to AKHIL”. It will be that much simple. It will work for Google Home connected speakers as well.

Along with this, Google is releasing the card based payment API for the developers. So that the card providers can offer personalized offers and discounts for the specific card on Google Payment. It will be soon available in many countries including Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan.