Huawei hired a former Apple designer to improve their EMUI Skin back in 2015 and she left the company now.

On October 2015, Huawei officially announced the hiring of Abigail Brody to their EMUI designing department. Now, as per the agreement, she is joining the team. This is exactly two years after the agreement. And now Abigail is departing Huawei due to some personal reasons.

She contributed a great part to the design of their new version EMUI 5.1. Finally, now she is officially leaving the Huawei. Huawei wanted her to make a design which is less similar to the iOS interface. But her dream was to make the world’s best custom interface for the Huawei devices. But her ideasĀ for changing EMUI did not get much support from inside the company. So quickly she turned out to be a bad fit for the company.

Another personalĀ reason for this depart is that her home is far away from the company headquarters. So it is difficult for her to reach the office. Anyway, Huawei lost a talented professional. So the company will have to work hard before hiring talents from top companies.