Galaxy S8 users will have more Google content and exclusive features

Samsung has expanded their relationship with Google with the latest smartphone from the brand – Galaxy S8 series. Samsung is working with Google to promote Google products and services instead of Samsung default things. The first thing that we can notice from this partnership is that in the Galaxy S8 series devices, Google Play Music is the default music player instead of Samsung’s music player.

In addition to that, Google is offering so many exclusive features and offers for the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus owners. When you buy the device, you will get 3 months of complimentary Google Play Music subscription. Since it is the default music player, this subscription is really useful for the S8 users. Not only this, Google has promised that they will give support for Samsung Bixby assistant as well.

Google now allows S8 owners to upload 100,000 tracks to the Google cloud locker for free while it is limited to 50,000 for the normal users. That’s a pretty cool thing. Along with that, Google has announced that they will bring many exclusive¬†Google play features exclusively to the Samsung users.