Galaxy Note 8 will be more Multimedia-oriented, says Samsung

Korean smartphone manufacturer giant Samsung is all set to launch their upcoming flagship phablet in Note series, the Galaxy Note 8 by August. The smartphone is expected to have the top end specifications the board, with some extra safety features in the background of the Galaxy Note 7 battery fire catching fiasco happened back in 2016.

Several hours ago, the Samsung CEO has announced that the company has some bigger plans to make their forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone in advanced level. The CEO DJ Koh also added that the company would give more priority to the Multimedia enhancements and usability with the smartphone. The preceding launched devices in the series also were equipped with extra media tweaks like larger displays, significant S-Pen, and powerful chipsets which were capable of doing multitasking and high quality renders simultaneously, like in smartphone gaming. As far as we know, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to launch with a humongous display sized at 6.3 inches, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 9 chipsets. The device will have 6 gigs of RAM under the hood, with a battery of around 3300mAh as in Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is planning to start manufacturing of the chipsets in the 8nm architecture by later this year, also they would start developing 7 nanometer based chipsets by post-2018. The Galaxy Note 8 smartphone must be powered by the company’s recently launched 10nm SOC, or if we can think a little more we hopefully look forward to a new Chipset made with 8nm architecture, as they have plans to start making them by this year itself. Probably, these would see the light by the launch of Galaxy S9 series devices which is supposed to be launched by eary-2018.

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