Finally got clarified: Why Sony removed Fingerprint scanners from Xperia XZ US editions?

Our thoughts gone so weird when Sony announced fingerprint scanners in the home button of their Xperia X and XZ lineups. But that was actually the best in best. Recently, in a news we mentioned that Sony removed the fingerprint scanners from those lineups for the US editions. No one was got clue of that exclusion until now.

Now we are aware, why Sony did such a fault. It’s all about Apple. Rumors specifies that Sony’s deal with Apple refused to embed the fingerprint sensors in the power button. The company was apparently in the news for getting a patent, in relation with the fingerprint security embedded in the power button. However, they didn’t evolve it into their devices. Still they are on traditional home button.

Finally got clarified: Why Sony removed Fingerprint scanners from Xperia XZ US editions? 2
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The fact is that, its’s not at all weird if they would have replaced fingerprint sensor into somewhere. But they removed the whole from the device, which is a bit rude, talking now. We are not eligible for blaming them, because they have the limitations over R&D and there marketing visions. As mentioned above, there is a hidden reason about this, that is Sony has previously stated about some sort of deal with Apple. That may keep them away from using fingerprint sensor on power button.

Contradiction is that, would Apple mind ever, if Sony put fingerprint sensor on power button, or will they do it in future? There are two answers, will or will not. It’s not a big deal for Sony that US markets are not the headers for Sony as well. But they may have to provide same line of functionalities all over the globe to ensure their customer support as there is hard competition between manufacturers. Let’s wait and see, what evolution will take place in the future.

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