FCC listing reveals LG-Made Google Pixel XL 2

Image Source: 9to5google.com

We have seen a lot of rumours and reports regarding the next generation Pixel smartphones from the Google itself, to be made by HTC and LG. Recently, some of the leaks were mentioned about the both devices being manufactured by the Taiwanese giant HTC itself. Also, the Pixel 2 listing on FCC back in August too made the thread stronger. Today, LG has filed a patent for a new smartphone in FCC.

As far as we observed the characteristics of Pixel smartphones in FCC listing, the new LG listing also shows significant resemblance with the last year’s Pixel smartphones. The FCC ID for the supposed LG-Made Pixel XL 2 also begins with ‘G’, as usual. Much other documentation elements also seem similar to the Pixel devices listing.

Last month, HTC’s smaller screened Pixel 2 has been spotted on FCC with Android Oreo on board and revealing many other details Followingly, the new listing by LG confirms that the both devices are not ought to be made by HTC only, but the LG too being a part of the Pixel family. LG device has the model number G011C, whereas he HTC had already acquired the G011B for the Pixel 2 smartphone.
There were no official words on the launch date of the both the smartphones until a Billboard dated with October 4 found in Boston.

Source FCC

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