Evernote hurting the privacy of their users? 

​Do you use Evernote for your note taking needs? If yes, here is a bad news. Evernote team has rolled out a new update to their privacy policy. What’s so special about that? Huh? Yes there is something to worry about. 

According to the newly updated policy, some employees of the Evernote can read your notes despite of any restrictions. This is clearly a wrong movement by the world’s one of the leading note taking service. Already, many users are migrating to other free services including Microsoft’s OneNote. Now, you have a new reason to ditch the Evernote. 

In the tech enhanced lifestyle, everybody is concerned about their privacy. They don’t rely on a less-private service. Yes, personally I am also moving to OneNote. Because I do care about the privacy of my notes. If you are also worried about the new policy, do let me know in the comments section. 

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