Essential PH-1 completes Verizon compatibility certification

Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone lineup was launched, saying that it will neither be exclusive to any carriers nor do carry even a brand logo.The Essential PH-1 has been started shipping off a few weeks ago to the customers those who have pre-ordered a couple of months ago. Since then, the smartphone has started facing several issues on networking, especially with the Verizon subscribers.

In reply to the Essential’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit hosted back since a bit ago, many of the users have asked about the issues and compatibility concerns faced by Verizon users. The creator, Andy Rubin himself has replied to the questions, confirming that it will soon be fixed. Quoting his words from Reddit:

We have been in the certification process with Verizon and are at the tail end. Could come as soon as tomorrow! These certifications really help enhance our overall quality, so your patience will pay off!”

The new announcement by Rubin through his official twitter verifies that he meant a lot by using ” as soon as tomorrow”. He mentioned that the registration process with Verizon Wireless networks have been successfully finished, and the users would be able to use their Verizon connections with the Essential PH-1 smartphone, probably after a reboot.

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