Do you have a Lenovo K4 Note?Time to Run Marshmallow on it!

Are you using a Lenovo K4 note? Here’s the good news, Lenovo has begun rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow for your handset in India. It was announced on Twitter by Lenovo India. Recently, Lenovo’s other siblings like K3 Note and Vibe P1 had taken the update. K4 Note is running Android 5.1 Lollipop from its launch in January. The update will hold out lot of features including:
• Google Now on Tap
• Adaptable storage
• Granular App Permissions(GAP)
• Doze
Most relevant one from the above is Google Now on Tap which enables surfing the Phone and Web at an instant. It can be enabled on long pressing the Home Button. It doesn’t matter, what you are doing, but give relevant information about what is on your screen. For example, a notification with a Location pinned, Google Now helps you find the directions.
The Doze is another very useful feature especially when the phone is sleeping, which can optimize your phone’s battery life by keeping an ‘eye’ on Background services.
Adaptable storage favours you to elevate the internal storage by treating the external storage as a part of internal memory. So you won’t have to worry about “running out of storage” issue.
If anyone using K4 Note in India haven’t yet updated to Marshmallow, go and check system Update. The size of update is approximately 1.6 GB, so surely you need a stable Wi-Fi network or subscription from a cellular operator.

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