Deal alert: You can now get £50 discount for the BlackBerry KEYone in UK

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If you are still interested in BlackBerry’s some of the popular models, you may find this news interesting. Because Carphone Warehouse is now offering a good discount for the purchase of your new BlackBerry KEYone Android smartphone. You can now save up to £50 for the BlackBerry KEYone at Carphone Warehouse.

The KEYone has a 4.5-inch display with Full HD resolution – the distinctly different shape making way for the smart keyboard. It takes up less room than an on-screen one, and leaves you with more display to play with.  Each of the 52 keys can be programmed to support a shortcut with a long-press. So, you could save ‘I” for Instagram or “C” for camera – it’s up to you. There’s also a secret fingerprint scanner inside the space bar.

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On the back of the smartphone is a powerful 12MP camera, built with Sony’s industry-leading camera expertise. The sensor features large 1.55μm pixels, to let in loads of light for bright and colourful photos, and it can shoot video in 4K.  On the front of the phone is a secondary camera, able to film a video in Full HD. The 8MP sensor is perfect for video chatting, using the likes of Skype, or Google’s own, Duo

Overall, it is a nice device for those who are looking for a variety Android experience. Plus, you will get a standard feel with a premium built of BlackBerry. If you are interested, buy now using this link.

  1. Ivan Kurt says

    Who gonna buy this in 2017?

  2. Kim Walner says

    Haha Does BlackBerry still alive?

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