Cyanogen services shutting down on December 31


As they already announced, they have just officially announced the closing date of Cyanogen Inc. By December 31, Cyanogen Inc. will be a history. According to the company’s official briefing, you won’t have access to any Cyanogen services including nightly builds and such things from December 31.

But, you will be able to get CyanogenMod ROMs and such things because of the big community of Cyanogen developers. So you can still use the Cyanogen Mods on your devices without official support. You can access the source code and you can modify your own work with the source code. So the decision won’t affect the developers and Cyanogen lovers.

Anyway, this is one of the saddest shutting down process. Everyone loved Cyanogen. Let’s see what they are planning.

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