Charge your phone, tablet or laptop with the HP Power up backpack on the go

HP has released a backpack in which you can carry your phones, tablets and a laptop and charge them at the same time. The power up backpack is available on amazon with an expensive $199.99 price tag. The product will start shipping out on October 1 st 2016. The backpack contains a huge rechargeable battery of 22,400mAh, which can easily charge any typical phone 10 times over or can charge a tablet 3 to 4 times over. It also has space for a 17.3 inch laptop which can also be charged.

The pack doesn’t have any USB type-C ports, although the phone are charged using an adapter cable. The pack doesn’t support fast charging which is a lot disappointing given the price tag. The pack itself can be charged through a easy to access side pocket plug.

The back pack has a temperature sensor which works to ensure that the pack doesn’t over heat while charging. The power up backpack is safe and useful in a lot of ways. What do you think about the HP Power up backpack?

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