ASUS’s Twitter accounts hacked? Tweeting weird things and gets trolled

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There is something wrong with the official Twitter accounts of Asus. Today morning, Asus India on Twitter started tweeting weird things which include love and relation. Later, Asus UK and Philippines also joined the club. They were also tweeting like that. Everybody was believing that it was a hacking or something like that. But the tweets are still there in their timeline. So it is more likely a planned campaign for their new Zenfone series.

The followers of the Twitter accounts are going crazy and has started trolling them. If we closely look at those tweets, we can see a lot of troll memes and funny quotes for Asus. So everyone is making fun of this behavior. There is a chance for it to be a planned campaign or a mistake by the social media account manager. But Asus is still keeping those tweets in their timeline. That is slightly suspicious as it should be deleted immediately. Because the news is already spreading over. Everyone is now trolling the company for this. They should react to this.

You can check out the tweets and replies here:

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