Android N Is Internally Called As New York Cheesecake


We all are looking forward curiously to know what the next Android version to be named. There is a lot of names are pending in around to the Android N, from the poll contested by Google. As we know neither the name, nor the version number of next Android, we all knew that this will be a coolest version among the Smartphone OSs and would give more frequent updates than its predecessors.


In the cases of the previous versions, AOSP (Android Open Source Project) gave the code names as KitKat (Key Lime Pie), Lollipop (Lemon Meringue Pie), and Marshmallow (Macadamia Nut Cookie) with the abbreviations klp, lmp and mnc respectively. Now the Google shows the code name for Android N as nyc, which may hints to the New York Cheesecake.

Nothing is found to be unveiled by these names. Though the NYC shows up a regional restriction, Google might have to change it. The most raised voice for Android N is Nutella. But Google is usually accepts names of Desserts for Android versions, but Nutella is a brand, not even a common food product. There is more probability to the names Nougat and Nonpareils. Here the Nonpareils is good, because it is a mix of various colors, which satisfies the Google’s new colorful concept.


Anyway, Google seems confused and undecided and we have to wait until Google announce it officially. The recently revealed Android N preview shows up a Multi windows feature and we have to wait patiently till the summer ends to feel Android N.

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