Android Marshmallow Running On 2.3% Device.


Google has update its android distribution statistics, according to its report only 2.3 % of all android device is current running on Android Marshmallow i.e. Version 6.0the most popular version of Google’s Mobile operating system with 36.1% of all device is Android Lollipop i.e. version 5.0 & version 5.1 . Android KitKat  i.e. Version 4.4 is on Second number with 34.3 % of all device.

Android Jellybean is on Third number with 22.3% device  which include three builds i.e. Version 4.1, Version 4.2, Version 4.3 . Ice Cream Sandwich i.e. version 4.0.3 & Version 4.0.4 has a share of 2.3% .And Android Gingerbread and Froyo are still alive with 2.6% and 0.1 % share respectively.

The share of Android Marshmallow will increase in coming month as the many device will get update to android marshmallow.

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