Android 7.0 Nougat highlighting features


Android N is now official and currently rolling out to Nexus devices , packed with many gorgeous feature even within the Stock OS. Here is the main highlighted features of Android 7.0 Nougat.


  • JIT Compiler – It is Just-In-Time compiler which improves the app and game performance faster without memory garbaining.
  • VR mode – Android Nougat is a Virtual Reality friendly OS, introducing a new feature named Daydream.
  • Vulkan™ API – Vulkan API will provide the seemless gaming experience without any stress.

Battery and Data

  • Doze – The new Doze on Nougat is similar that of Marshmallow’s, but it is now improved a lot to save power when screen is locked.
  • Data Saver – As usual data savers, it will Warn about data limits, save data but via limiting the usage.

Highlighting Ones

  • Split screen mode – Split screen mode will let you to split the work area of device display into two and can do both simultaneously.
  • Picture-in-picture – On Android TV, you can browse or do soething even while watching videos, by lettimg them move to a part of the screen just like a floating screen.
  • Quick Switch – Most recently used 2 apps can be found by tapping twice on Overview button.


  • Bundled notifications – Instead of seeing many notifications from a single app, it can be seen in a single Bundle and can be opened by tapping over it
  • Direct reply – For messaging apps, you can simply reply to any message from the Notification panel itself.
  • Notification controls – You can control the notifications from Notification drawer without going settings, like muting.

System Usability

  • Customizable Quick Settings
  • Quick Settings bar
  • Improved Settings navigation
  • Settings suggestions
  • ‘Clear all’ in Overview notifications bundle for a single app
  • Using ‘Emergency information’, it is possible to add biological information on the lock screen like Bloodgroup, diseases, etc.
  • You can set different wallpapers for Home and Wallpaper


  • All new ‘Unicode 9’ emojis became for cooler than before


  • Direct boot – When restarting the device, the phone will restart all apps opened and to be run on background.
  • Seemless background updates to ensure security at every interval.
  • File level encryption
  • App permissions can be controlled towards specific folders too.
  • Trusted face for face unlocking by identifying user’s life style, spec glass, etc.
  • Improved system backup coverage.

Language and Country

  • Supports multi-lingual, multi-nations, and new language preferences.


  • Accessibilty settings can be found easily now and can use magnify display, TTS (text-to-speech) speed control the new Accessibilty Mono Output feature will provide the better sound effect in Mono ‘ speakered ‘ phones, inorder to avoid Left/Right channel audio lost issue.

Work Mode

The work mode is good to run Work Apps lawlessly and without any interference.


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