Android 7.0 Nougat Factory Images Are Now Available


Its been some days after the official roll out of the latest Android version, Android N. Now the factory images are available for supported devices. You can now download the factory images for the flashing purpose. They are available for all supported nexus devices and the Pixel C. It is also available in the form of OTA zip files.

Download the Android 7.0 factory images. 

These files are for use only on your personal Nexus devices and may not be disassembled, decompiled, reverse engineered, modified or redistributed by you or used in any way except as specifically set forth in the license terms that came with your device.

But at the same time, many of the latest high end nexus devices are still in the queue for the official update. As per the information from a Google partner, the update will be available for the existing devices like Nexus 60, 5X and 6 by the end of this week.

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