Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 leaked in more images; looks like a nice upgrade

We have seen some rumors and leaks about the upcoming device of Xiaomi, redmi note 4. As you know, it is simply an upgraded version of Redmi note 3. Xiaomi succeeded in selling large amount of Redmi note 3 units and it is still the second most demanded device because of its cheap price and premium features. But some of you are still thinking it will be better if they can make a good new generation version of the device. The Redmi Note 4 will be like that. It will be an awesome device with the goodies taken from Redmi note 3. Now it has been leaked in some pics.


In the new leak, the main camera flash placement is the most notifying thing. The flashlight is placed in the left side of camera module while the placement is Redmi Note 3 is in between the camera and fingerprint scanner. But the other overall look and design is same as the predecessor note 3. As per the last leaks, the device will have Mediatek Helio P10 Octacore processor. Anyway stay tuned for more updates. Redmi-4-Lower-End


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