Xiaomi claims to have sold out 5 Million Redmi Note 4 units in India

Indian market is the second largest smartphone market regarding the number of the device being sold out. Most of the Indian consumers prefer budget friendly and mid-range smartphone while purchasing new devices, instead of having at least a glance towards flagship devices. The Chinese smartphone brands played well as the gap-fillers, while the market was seeking for low-budget devices with high configuration.One of the brands started acting along with the market was the Xiaomi, grasped the tagline “The Chinese Apple.” It has been providing decently specced devices with n affordable price tag, which made them favorite among Indians.

Now the Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has just announced that the company has sold out over 5 Million unitsof their recently launched mid-ranger Redmi Note 4 in 6 months. This is a huge milestone in the history of the company, as it is they have arranged a celebration ceremony. As a part of this, the company has organized a rectangular, smartphone shaped massive Mosaic made of grain, the LARGEST GRAIN MOSSAIC ever made in the world. They also plan to donate the rice to feed million of poor from India and Pakistan.

According to the analysts, the Xiaomi has played a pivotal role in putting down the smartphone market price defining factors from its peak, made the smartphone dream a reality to everyone. One of the first most devices which grabbed the attention in Marke is Redmi Note 2. It came with many sensors, the average amount of RAM, a performance processor at just below INR 10,000. Things went crazy when the company launched Redmi Note 3 and followingly Note 4. These devices were managed to maintain an excellent reputation for the company among mid-ranger smartphones. We have even witnessed the many “fanboys” suggesting the devices for many looking for some good midrange smartphones.

It is a big achievement for a company like Xiaomi as if we look a little backward. The company was just like a typical Chinese brand; later they have come with the aforementioned significant devices which led them to become India’s favorite manufacturer. The weekly flash-sales and People’s talk make the brand value stronger than ever before, much better than an effective ad campaign would do.

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