Which App Is Best for Watching CCTV on Android?

One of the greatest aspects of modern day video surveillance technology is the ability to tune in to your video feed via your smartphone. The mobile applications of monitoring your CCTV system on-the-go can be a major factor in deciding to upgrade your company’s security system, but you may be wondering which app is the best for watching CCTV on Android. Of the dozens of options, Verkada’s video surveillance and Command Center stands apart as a robust and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes that goes beyond simple streaming applications.

Verkada offers limitless flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are at the heart of the Verkada app. Seamless integration across all of your platforms — be they Android, iOS, or desktop — gives you the ability to access your footage when you need it wherever you need it. Verkada lets you monitor up to nine cameras with a variety of rotating views, even on your smartphone. While other apps put your security at risk by limiting how you are able to access live feeds, Verkada Command goes a step further by packaging a user interface to handle your camera’s settings, too. Verakada puts camera control of zoom, orientation, and focus in the palm of your Android smartphone, thanks to their intuitive app.

Video analytics make managing your footage easy

One of the most powerful pieces of the Verkada feature suite available to your smartphone with Verkada Command is video analytics. Analytics technologies are changing the game when it comes to security, using context-aware artificial intelligence and motion detection to offer powerful insights into what is being captured and recorded.

Beyond the spheres of corporate security, video analytics play a role in how countries like Belgium are approaching public safety. Verkada uses these same concepts and tools to offer powerful solutions for searching through and managing your footage. With Command Center, you have access to motion-based analytics, meaning that you can search your footage for the exact time stamp that a door was opened or a package was delivered.

Object detection can also be used to filter playback based on specific vehicles or individuals, and can even notify your smartphone when abnormal motion is detected. All of these features in a mobile platform mean that you can review and respond to incidents in the moment, saving you valuable time.

Search and share with simplicity

Verkada offers power and simplicity in its search features, all of which are even more important when monitoring footage on a device with a smaller screen such as your phone. In addition to searching an index of footage based on motion, Verkada Command also offers you the ability to search for specific video clips by date, time of day, camera, or location. Once you’ve found the footage you’re searching for, sharing video clips or still frames is easy, with one-click operations for single frame captures. You also have the ability to share live feeds with others, using a multiplexed cloud network so that multiple users can view the same feed without experiencing excessive lag or quality degradation.

Permissions allow for multiple users and devices

One final reason that Verkada offers the best user experience when it comes to watching your CCTV feed on Android is that the app allows for multiple users and devices, all with specific permissions. Users can be invited to join your command center as administrators or as viewers, all with access to the feeds and tools that matter to them on their smartphones.

The features of Verkada’s Command Center offer more than just the ability to access and view your CCTV feeds on your smartphone. With dynamic features that offer you the ability to control and review video on the go, Verkada is the clear choice for watching CCTV on your Android device.


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