WhatsApp will keep Android Gingerbread on their hoods till 2020

WhatsApp Messenger, the popular communication app officially extended the support for Android Gingerbread to 2020. Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread and older Androids will also benefit this extension. There is no clarified reason about this intended expansion of expiry. But today, the Facebook owned IM service announced this news.

Company features in their support pages about their support and involvement in continuing active development for those already expired old legends. This movement is unintentionally trapped in with WhatsApp uses still in Android 2.3.7. Gingerbread and its old predecessors are very less in comparison with the whole of the World’s Android OS popularity.

Latest Distribution Chart clearly distinguishes the significant role of Android OSs.

WhatsApp will keep Android Gingerbread on their hoods till 2020 2

Here we have some contradictions to share. Google is going to dominantly removing support for their old Androids. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is going to support and keep the upto date with WhatsApp messenger. Now the question is, how will WhatsApp distribute their future updates to the oldies? Clearly, WhatsApp will need an alternative serving method to keep their words true. Google is only planning to develop servers in legacy of old Android builds. So they won’t be able to receive any major feature updates or further nothing for next years.


 WhatsApp still looking forward in developing their app to get a major place in the field of messaging and file sharing. WhatsApp has recently added some features that can withstand with Social Networks on Network. Also this will not cover the monopoly of getting large profit from huge investment, and though it will not suit to everyone under the efficient manners to keep IM apps in return those investments.

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