We’ve reached another milestone, AndroidHits reaches 1 lakh followers on Facebook

We’ve been waiting for this moment since we started AndroidHits. Finally, our official Facebook Page for AndroidHits has reached 1 lakh followers.

Since social media presence is very important for a news media publication, we were working hard to achieve this. Through different types of marketing ideas and social media strategies, we could successfully kiss the 100,000 boundaries. Because of the overwhelming love from our fans, we are very proud at this moment.

We at AndroidHits, work together as a team of ninjas to achieve our targets, our social media experts and my personal experiences helped in achieving this. We know a 1 lakh followers are not really BIG, but they are something for us. Because those 1 lakh fans love AndroidHits and the work of ours. We are proud of that.

However, we have dropped the plans to post AndroidHits articles in Facebook page. Because we publish at least 2 article every hour. We know it is more than Facebook could handle, thereby our reach for each posts decreases. So, our editorial team decided not to post every article links in the Facebook page. We will only post relevant articles on our Facebook page. Also, we will regularly update you with interesting content. Don’t worry; we won’t completely ditch article links. But the number of article links will be comparatively lesser than the media content.

At this proud moment, we are happy to announce that we will conduct occasional giveaways for our valuable readers and fans. So that you can win yourself some cool gadgets like smartphones, accessories etc. All you have to do is LOVE ANDROIDHITS. We will talk more about that in the coming weeks.

Once again, Thank you for your love.


Team AndroidHits


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