Verizon quits selling Huawei smartphones in the US

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has been facing a difficult time since the company was accused of user data spying back in 2012. The smartphone manufacturer later confessed regarding the spy act and promised better privacy to their users. Unfortunately, the company could not gain much reliability among Americans. Last year, the Huawei has been introduced again with their latest flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the USA, seeking for the carrier supports. But many had to refuse due to the pressure from the US government.

When the Huawei Mate 10 Pro announced in the USA, one of the major leading networking providers AT&T announced that they would not be selling the smartphone in the US. Meanwhile, the Verizon did seem to be cooperating with the company, but they too were under high pressure. Finally, today Verizon has announced that the company drops the plans to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and other models by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer in the States. As almost every major carriers of the United States have refused to sell the Huawei branded devices anymore, it will be a hard time ahead for Huawei to reach customers. Stil, there is no restriction for the company to sell the device through online or their party sellers like Amazon and Wallmart.

Verizon quits selling Huawei smartphones in the US 2
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Huawei is not the only┬ácompany which is being abandoned by the US carriers. The ZTE Corporation, a Huawei rival from the same home country, was also listed to be spying on users several years ago. Currently, Huawei holds the second position in Top Android Smartphone manufacturer list, following Samsung. The brand planned to become the world’s number one brand, but it seems to have been shattered because of the US’s policy against their devices.

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