Users are complaining about the promotional push notifications in OnePlus 5

Since OnePlus launched their new smartphone last month, there have been a lot of complaints and bad feedbacks about the device and its functionality. Many users reported a jelly scrolling effect and then some issues with calling emergency services etc. Now, another issue has popped out. Many of the users are complaining about the unwanted promotional push notifications in OnePlus 5 devices.

Now, OnePlus is sending out some annoying promotional push notifications to the OnePlus 5 devices. OnePlus expected that the users will accept it without any issues. But that didn’t happen. Users are now massively complaining about the annoying push notifications on their devices. So it is almost clear that OnePlus has included promotional materials within their devices for their own benefits. This is a not a good activity. Because seeing ads on your expensive phone is a real head-ache.

You can block these notifications from the Push system application within OxygenOS to not receive these adverts in the future. Head to Settings -> Apps -> 3 Dots Menu -> Show system apps -> Push -> Notifications -> Block all Notifications. The user claims that this works on the Open Beta 9, but isn’t sure about otherwise. But recently OnePlus said: “the notification is not an advertisement but rather a user survey to OnePlus 5 users.”



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