Top 5 Best Long Lasting Battery Smartphones

The smartphone is one of the important gadgets in our daily lives nowadays. The latest version of Smartphone is helping to perform various tasks including online purchases (train tickets, bus tickets, flight tickets, household essentials), watching videos on the move, transfer funds online, shoot videos, record business meetings, and pay for groceries at local stores etc. Therefore, many people are looking for the best phones with longer battery hours for everyday tasks. You can find the best Smartphone with longer battery hours at reduced rate at online stores to make your life simple.

Nowadays, every ordinary person to top notch professionals is using Smartphone daily to perform simple to complex tasks while on the move. To meet the growing needs of professionals, business executives, students, security guards, and common folk, many reputed companies have introduced phones with great specs really at rock bottom prices. Read on to know about the top 5 best Smartphones with longer battery hours in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro



Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Smartphone is one of the best phones available in the market with 5000 mAH battery in India. It facilitates faster battery charging too. The longer battery power allows performing various tasks like watching your favorite movies, playing games, pay for flight tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, hotels, food, movie tickets, talk long hours with colleagues for business related tasks, and with loved ones, etc for up to 33 hours. You can enjoy music for up to 109 hours while on the move or at home/ office. You can also transfer funds to your family members on the move. This latest Smartphone boasts 6 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, 32 GB Internal Memory and 4GB RAM, Android Marshmallow, Octa Core, and Adreno 510 GPU etc. This phone has 16 MP primary Camera and 8 MP secondary Camera to help you to shoot memorable movements with friends and family members. It is affordable and lasts longer. It supports networks including LTE, GSM, and HSPA.

Gionee M6



This innovative Smartphone boasts non-removable 5000 mAH battery and Android 6.0 OS. The Smartphone has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4GB RAM, 13 MP/ 8MP Cameras, 64 GB internal storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, 1.8 GHz octa core, FM Radio, and GPS etc. It supports LTE, HSPA, GSM, and EVDO networks. It is one of the best phones for your daily needs with a wide screen (5.5 inches). It facilitates faster charging and reverse charging. It has inbuilt photo editor, video editor and document viewer for office use and studies purpose. It is available in Gold and Champagne colors. The memory can be expanded to 128 GB using an SD card.

Elephone P5000



This Smartphone boasts octa-core Cortex A7 processor, 16 GB Internal memory, 4 GB RAM, Li-Polymer 5350 mAH battery, Bluetooth, USB, and GPS. It has Android 4.4.2 OS and supports GSM and WCDMA. The longer battery allows nonstop talking from morning to evening. It is one of the best Smartphones for the business users and lovers alike. The battery provides charge for at least two days. Therefore, it is a must for business travelers and service engineers alike. It ensures privacy with fingerprint technology, message lock, screen lock, and app lock etc. You can enjoy continuous music for several hours and forget office stress. It is one of the best friends for travelers. It employs quick charge technology for faster charging. It is available in black and silver colors.

Gionee Marathon M5



Gionee Marathon M5 Smartphone boasts 6020 mAH Li-Po battery, 13 MP Primary Camera, the screen size of 5.5 inches, 1.3 GHz quad-core, 3 GB RAM, resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, 32 GB internal Memory, 5 MP Camera for selfies, Android 5.1 OS, Dual SIM and Bluetooth/ WiFi. It supports 4G and 3G networks. It also has a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and Compass Magnetometer. It has a decent camera and larger battery for taking beautiful and panoramic scenes while on the move and to talk with your loved ones continuously. It is available in black, white and gold colors. The storage can be expanded to 128 GB using a micro SD card. It is a dual SIM phone. It is fantastic and nice for your daily usage. You can enjoy uninterrupted music for several hours. You can also watch your favorite videos while on the move. It also allows browsing Internet while on the move.

Oukitel 10000



The Oukitel Smartphone boasts 10000 mAH battery, Android 5.1 OS, 8 MP Rear and 2 MP front cameras, 16 GB Internal Memory, 2 GB RAM, the screen size of 5.5 inches, resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, 1 GHz Quad Core processor, and Medicore Chipset. It supports 3G and 4G networks. It is a dual SIM phone. It has GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi functions. You can easily share the files, photos and videos with friends and family using Bluetooth. It has a capacitive touch screen for a better response. The quad core CPU allows faster performance by simultaneously performing various tasks. You can surf the Internet faster using 4G and 3G wireless Internet. You can also make use of free WiFi Internet available at railway stations, hotels, and airports. You can also use in-flight WiFi for searching onward flights, weather data, and other business applications. You can also add more useful apps and perform the tasks like making payments online, buying flight tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets etc. You can also record business reviews and rewind later for business decision making. It is also widely useful for students in their studies. You can also watch youtube videos while on the move with cheaper internet offered by various network providers.

You can buy the latest Smartphone with better functionality from the above list for your studies, business, travel and other needs from online stores. You need to compare the cost of the phones at various online stores and choose the best phone at reduced rates for your daily needs.

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