SuperSU Beta now supports Android O in Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

Google announced their new operating system, Android O last month. Android O was rolling out to some Google smartphones as Developer Previews. On Thursday, Google released Android O Developer Preview 3 for those smartphones.

Here is a news, telling about the third-party superuser management tool SuperSU, working on supporting it with the Android O on some of the officially supported devices. The new Beta version of SuperSU will work with the officially supported smartphones such as, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6X and 6P as well.

In a twitter post, Chainfire, developer behind SuperSU revealed his plans on giving support for Android O. According to his words, we have got that SuperSU is working on above mentioned devices.

After few hours, Chainfire posted a Beta version of the SuperSU app on Google+, SuperSU v2.82 SR1. The new app contains a lot of changes and fixes, which are briefed in here:

  • ZIP: Samsung/7.0+: if /data is not currently encrypted, disable encryption (unless KEEPFORCEENCRYPT or REMOVEENCRYPTABLE are set)
  • ZIP: Detect TWRP UI slot switch (Pixel/XL: 3.1.0-RC2+)
  • ZIP: Further improve /system device detection
  • ZIP: Add /vendor/lib[64] to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • ZIP: Support compiling sepolicy from split CILs
  • ZIP: Detect AVB signature on input and output boot images accordingly (force with SIGNBOOTIMAGE, custom keys in /tmp/avb)
  • ZIP: Kernel patch: support LZ4 compressed kernels (new format only)
  • ZIP: Mount /vendor
  • ZIP: Initial Pixel+ODP2 support
  • ZIP+APK: Fixes in boot partition detection
  • supolicy: Adjustments for ODP3
  • sukernel: Allow cpio-add of 0-byte files
  • sukernel: Add dtb (in-kernel only) related features
  • sukernel+suinit+ZIP: Reduce system_root footprint by dynamically importing entries at boot
  • suinit: Improve logging
  • suinit: Support pre-mounting /system and /system_root (ODP2+)

N.B: – Chainfire reported some problems on flashing the New SuperSU with TWRP tool.