Spotify is internally testing the driving mode in their Android app

Just like Apple, Spotify is also planning to bring a driving mode for their app on Android devices. If you don’t know, there is a feature in iOS devices in which it replies as text messages to incoming calls when you are driving. Just like that, Spotify is testing a feature in their Android app which can be activated from the easy-to-access menu.

When you turn it on, it will show you a big mic icon and it will detect your voice and will play songs as per your vocal orders. Then, you can listen to your songs while driving without touching the phone. It avoids the distraction while driving and keeps you safe during the journey. Some users had reported the appearance of this new feature in their apps. But we don’t have any official confirmation from the company.

The app version has this feature pre-installed. If you are getting an update to this version, you will be able to test it out now. Let us know if you find anything like that on your phone.


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