Sorry Canadians, HTC Bolt won’t be coming there

HTC has already announced the mist anticipated Bolt Android smartphone. It has officially revealed by the company itself with some cool specifications and features as a high-end Android device.

The new HTC Bold smartphone is now available to buy in the United States for $600 from Best Buy. But there were no information about the availability of the device in other countries. But, an official spokesman has confirmed that the HTC Bold won’t be coming to Canada. Sad? Yeah. Canadians can’t enjoy the new HTC smartphone. The reason behind this is, the HTC Bolt is a Sprint exclusive device so it won’t be coming to Canada.

The official representative says:

..the HTC Bolt is a Sprint exclusive device and will only be available in U.S. It won’t be available in Canada.


But, we can’t completely rely on his words. Because according to the famous leakster Evan Blass, the upcoming global version of the HTC Bolt will be named as HTC 10 Evo. So, that global variant has the chance to arrive in Canada.

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