Software update for Oculus Rift blocks Revive App

A new software update for Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR Headset has been rolled out this week for the users. The new software update blocks the third-party App named Revive, which was helpful to port its VR Games and titles to its rival from HTC, the HTC Vive VR Headsets.

The Revive third-party App was launched last month (April) by the developer team “CrossVR”. The blocking for the Revive App on new update is officially confirmed by the developers itself via Reddit post. In that post “CrossVR” says that Oculus had introduced Hardware DRM to block them. It will check to verify whether the Headset is connected to Oculus Platform DRM.

It is somewhat clear that the developers are trying to bypass the problem faces on Oculus platforms. After the update announcement by Oculus, the CrossVR had claimed via Reddit that they have released Revive 0.5.2, which bypasses DRM in some unreal Engine Games on Oculus DreamDeck platforms. There would be more updates for the Revive App to overcome the issue and it would help you to port games and apps from Oculus to your Vive.

Download the Revive 0.5.2 to bypass unreal Engine Games.

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