Skype Preview for Android updated with new features

Skype Beta, generally known as Skype Preview for Android platform has just received a new update which brings more features to the App.  The public beta testing version of Skype, named Skype Preview was already there for Windows platform earlier and has officially launched for the first time for Android and iOS platforms back in February this year.

As the every Beta programs on Apps out there, the Skype Preview brings the new features that are being developed by the parental organization Microsoft. The app is currently not available for all users, it seems. Probably limited to several markets, devices or testers. The Skype Preview has many additional features and coolest User Interfaces that would stand out compared with the standard stable rollouts for several platforms. Skype has now just begun a new update rolling for the App with few features added.

New features added with Skype Insider program on Android includes the capability to share photos, links and other media from outside of the Skype app, the ability to add or remove contacts at ease, etc. It also enhances the video call quality, with some tweaks. As usual, several performance improvements are also made to the App in the new update. Let me know through the comment box if you have fund something more in Skype Preview; if you are a Beta tester/review user for Skype.

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