Samsung is working on a next-gen Gear VR with Eye-Face Tracking

Samsung has been worked around a lot to stand the Gear VR Headset unique among other rivals, only supported by company’s high-end flagships. Now a new patent file application published by Samsung reveals that Samsung is in the way of innovations on Gear VR.


From the patent file, Samsung is working on an advanced next-gen Gear VR Headmount with Eye tracking and face tracking. As in the diagrams, The eye-face tracking technologies are facilitated using various sensors mounted on Headset such as electrooculographic sensors and IR sensors to figuring out cornea-retinal positions accurately, considering eye as a dipole.


The new eye tracking and face tracking technologies will help to solve the issues faced initially when using VR head mounts. By tracking the retinal positions, the video or rendering can be shown at an optimal angle to the viewer. Some standalone Virtual Reality headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are already coming with face tracking, which perfectly maintains the autonomous working, connected with PC, etc. The new eye tracking technology patented by Samsung will be a significant revolution among VR and will bring easier using experience.

The new updated Gear VR is expected to launch besides the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship on coming March, maybe supported by those devices only.

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