Samsung will possibly include a ‘Beast Mode’ in Galaxy S8

As all we know, Samsung is currently working ion their upcoming beast flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, which is to be unveiled by Q1/Q2 2017 in NYC, USA. As of every upgrading generation in Galaxy S lineup, we could expect something more grateful along with the generous features. There are no leaks or favorable informations have kicked out to the world regarding Galaxy S8 so far. But a latest trademark registration request filed by Samsung leads to some points of new features supposed to be included in Galaxy S8.

The EU Patent files applied by Samsung reveals that the new feature is named as ‘Beast Mode’. From the name itself, this is just for the next beast from Samsung. It doesn’t disclose anything clearly about ‘Beast Mode’ that wat it could be or how it be applied. From the paperwork, it will be applied to Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Notebooks, Netbooks and Application Softwares/OS.

As the rumors suggest, the Galaxy S8 Could possibly feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC and with Samsung’s Exynos next-gen chipset with a massive RAM of 8GB. Every smartphone being launched nowadays are having the power save mode in order to reduce performance, thus battery power be saved. If we view from that angle, we could assume that Samsung is planning something great named ‘Beast Mode’ to boost up the device performance in certain occasions like heavy gaming.

Samsung will surely try to work it out better in order to cover the issues followed by Note 7 fiasco this year.


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