Samsung showcased foldable Galaxy X at CES 2018 Privately

South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, one of the largest smartphone and electronic appliances manufacturer in the world, has been rumoured to launch an innovative piece of tech with foldable display featured. The foldable smartphone from the company was allegedly spotted on several patent schematics. There was hearsay about the Samsung’s plan to showcase the smartphone among a countable amount of clients in private. As per the latest report coming out the of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held at Las Vegas says that the alleged Samsung Galaxy X, a foldable device has been already showcased in CES among their clients, as we have expected.

As most of the top leading brands do, Samsung took advantage of CES this year to showcase and collect feedbacks from their closest clients behind a closed door. The source of information confirms a working prototype of the smartphone revealed. It is now confirmed that the company has got the cutting edge technology of foldable smartphones under the sleeves despite the UX compatibility issue and screen resizing concerns. As per the source, the smartphone has two variants showcased so far, one with hinge foldable inwards and other outwards. The second is more likely to see the light as it does not crash the entire device and display. The folding part is covered with a hinge which looks similar to Microsoft Surface Book hinges, which leaves a gap between the layers. So it is evident that the company has not yet finished in developing the final product.

As we can see in the patent sketches, the smartphone has almost a 21:9 display in the expanded state, and it can be folded in half. The smartphone, however, is anticipated to finish the development and manufacturing of foldable OLED panels by September and start mass production from November. So we could at least get the Galaxy X hands-on by next year.

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