Samsung rolls out Android Marshmallow on Galaxy On7 devices

Samsung is going with the rolling out of latest update of Google’s OS, Android Marshmallow to their devices from low-end to flagships. Now, the device which got chance to taste marshmallow is Galay On7, which has been launched back in 2015. Currently, the Marshmallow update is getting Over The Air for the devices which are bought only from Turkey, carrying the build numberĀ G600FXXU1APF8.

Marshmallow update for Galaxy On7 devices from other countries is expected to b e released soon. There is no specific changelog for the update is available, but it would feature the Marshmallow featured settings and some special features or UI improvements which had seen in the update came for other entry-level Galaxy devices.

Samsung is currently working on a new On7 device, which is probably to be named as On7 2016. The device will run Android Marshmallow, by the born. So if you are already owned a Galaxy On7, just wait for the update or if you are planning to buy an On7, better to wait till the 2016 variant comes to market.

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