Samsung releases new SoundAssistant app for Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung on Monday announced the release of their latest addition to the Google Play store. They released a new Galaxy exclusive app – SoundAssistant. The new SoundAssistant app from the Samsung is now available exclusively for Galaxy phones at Play Store.

The features of the app:

– Allow you to control the media volume instead of ringtone when pressing the volume keys
– Support individual application volume (You can control the volume of music and games differently)
– 150 steps of fine volume and support Floating Equalizer(EQ)
– Create and activate personalize sound settings
– Support mono audio and left/right balance

The following feature is supported on s8 only.
– Different output path for each app can be specified. (Music app -> Bluetooth, Game app -> Speaker)

The SoundAssistant app also offers 150 steps of fine volume adjustment. It also supports a floating equalizer, left/right volume balance for connected headphones, and mono audio. Users can create and activate sound settings based on their personal preferences. Download the app on your Galaxy device to enjoy the premium music experience.

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