Google Play Music New subscribers will get free 4 Months of Service

Google is running a special offer for Google Play Music in the US exclusively for its new subscribers. This will be a great opportunity for those who are yet to try the app’s music streaming services.

This new promo code could save you an extra $10, adding around 30% into usual three months subscription. The user will be asked to pay $9.99 per month after expiring this offer.

If you’re in the US and wanna try the Google Play Music service, this new offer will be great for you, even if you dislike it you’ll be having free 4 months subscription to have a second thought. There is no info about the expiry date of this offer, so if you want to try the feature avail at the earliest.

Google Play Music App has a great interface and provides good music streaming. The offer will not be applicable for those users who already subscribed the Play Music’s streaming services.