Samsung to launch 6GB Variant of Galaxy Note 7 in China

There were some rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, before its official launching. But the smartphone was unveiled with a 4GB RAM only, which put the Samsung fans in confusion. After that, everybody forgotten about the variant, or refused the rumors ? Anyway, nobody did a serious discussion about the previous rumors and kleaks, ehich didn’t get in match with the actual product.

Today, the Samsung President Koh Dong-jin confirmed the existence of the 6GB Variant of Galaxy Note 7. It was previously reported that the latter variant of Note 7 will boast 6GB RAM and 128GB of Internal Storage. But the good news is only for Chinese market. According to Koh, the 6GB variant is defined for the China, while the opponents from China like Vivo and OnePlus are currently on the way of 6GB RAM in their flagship devices. Even the Samsung’s homeland Korea is getting 4GB variant variant only.

Koh also declared that “We will accept diverse opinions from various regions and also consider whether that move will disappoint Korean consumers”. So we can expect the 6GB variant will arrive on more markets, as per the market’s need.


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