Samsung on increasing production of smartphones in India

After a long investments of smartphones industries, Samsung is here to invest amount in India, to double their smartphone production. The company is planning to expand its production in India with the support of huge Bucks, a 40 Billion Rupees. Industrial expansion of 240,000 square meters in the Factory located at Noida of Uttar Pradesh is one of the major development.
According to records, after completion of the contract, the factory can produce ten million smartphones a month in total, that’s double of the existing 5 million. Business-Korea reported that the groundbreaking ceremony will take place within few days, exactly saying, it may be on June 7. There is no word about when will it be done finished.
Samsung has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) for industrial expansion and productivity with Uttar Pradesh Government, in October 2016. By then, they announced their plans to finish the expansion of plant with an investment of 19.7 Billion Rupees, but has doubled now.
Samsung strikes the market sales as the biggest manufacturer in India. The company has a free feel future in India, though having a hard time due to their rivals. As some of the Chinese brands offer smartphones with better price-performance ratio, Samsung has to beat-up with them with something new. Those rivals include, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and few more.
Talking about the market share of Samsung, company lost three points in Q1 2017 comparing to the same period a year ago, was 27 percent. Same time, Chinese manufacturers got increase in their combined market share value to 50 percent in Q1 2017 from 27 percent in Q1 2016. This shows down some bad time for Samsung in near future. Though they will make over this small loss with the investment in Industrial expansion in India. After all, if Samsung goes just like the past time, they are going to face even more harder time.