Samsung Galaxy S7 Active spotted on Indian import-export tracking site Zauba.



Apparently, Samsung has been testing a device with the model number SM-G891A. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is model number SM-G890A, so this could be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 is already waterproof, which has been the top feature found in past versions of the “Active,” a Galaxy S7 Active would probably be more immune to drops and could contain a larger battery(>3000mah) than the Galaxy S7. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active carries a 3500mAh battery.


According to the Zauba listing, the SM-G891A(Samsung Galaxy S7 Active) carries a 5.1-inch display, which is similar to the size of the screen on the Galaxy S7. So it would appear as though AT&T subscribers will once again be given the opportunity to purchase a rugged version of Samsung flagship handset. On Zauba, the SM-G891A was given a value of $359. This amount has nothing to do with retail price as it is listed on import-export site.
Source: Zauba via @evleaks

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    Preetraj knows everything about gadgets. He’s tech guru. Your argument is invalid.

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