Samsung Galaxy Note FE reportedly to be launched on July with Bixby ready

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was happened to have caught fire on many units sold worldwide had stopped the production permanently after the fiasco. Report came later were the proof that the South Korean electronics giant is not at all ready to give up with some fiasco, inorder to keep their reputation better among premium consumers. Samsung was getting ready to relaunch the rebranded Note 7 devices, named Galaxy Note FE.

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE includes refurbished devices, sold as Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. As they have faced two similar backfiring occasions due to the explosive batteries on Nite 7 devices, the company will obviously undergo double check in case of new batteries to be included with Nite FE Smartphones. The Korean publisher ETnews reported that the Samsung would probably launch the device officially in South Korea by July 7th, and eventually to other markets.

A latest report coming out also suggested that the Smartphone will have Samsung’s own AI Assistant Bixby inbuilt, but no dedicated button for activating the Bixby. The Smartphone was actually set to launch by this month, but postponed to July as they have increased the production unit number from 150,000 to 450,000. Like to have your hands on the device? The Galaxy FE will cost very lesser compared to Note 7, $200 reduction in price results in the final price tag on between $600 and $650.