Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 likely be working on T-Mobile’s 600MHz LTE

In addition to releasing the latest Speed Stats, CTO of T-Mobile carrier Neville tweeted a lot of graphs and maps informing the progress of T-Mobile in last months. The informations points out the LTE availability, Speed and reachability of the Network.

I love this GIF. We’ll be deploying 600 MHz so fast that we’re condensing a 2-yr process into only 6 months. ONLY @TMobile moves that fast!

— Neville (@NevilleRay) July 17, 2017

Neville’s tweet represents the proud moments of T-Mobilre Carrier. T-Mobile’s strategy is to enlarge their availability wide to more areas as well. These areas are not yet been reached by their competitors.

Also happy to announce that @TMobile customers will be able to take advantage of 600 MHz with devices THIS YEAR from 2 OEMs – Samsung & LG!— Neville (@NevilleRay) July 17, 2017

Not only those drawings, but also those tweet conveys that they will expand T-Mobile 600MHz network for upcoming Samsung and LG devices. Also there is no need of much waiting for the rolling out of T-Mobile 600MHz band. The Carrier is going to release the network within 6 Months.

Last month, Samsung Galaxy S8 device had occupied T-Mobile 600MHz LTE network in selected markets. Ray confirmed indirectly that the LG V30 as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 will be ready-in 600MHz LTE network.T-Mobile spend a lot of bucks to get huge amount of spectrum in 600MHz band in the last FCC auction; about $8 billion. This one and the T-Mobile 700MHz LTE, the band 12  are very efficient in terms of speed and have longer range of connectivity.

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