Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch – Designed for Kids, in their way!

Ojoy launched their first smartwatch phone in Indian market this year. The all-new Ojoy A1 is a perfect smartphone watch for kids and it is designed in the way that kids love. We have received a unit of the Ojoy A1 smartphone watch for review. We have been using the model for the last two months and this is our final review of the smartwatch. However, this smartwatch doesn’t come with Android Wear OS but is powered by Kido OS. The Ojoy A1 costs Rs. 12,999, but you can purchase it for just Rs. 9,999 at Flipkart or Amazon.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
  • 1.4-inch touch screen retina display
  • Corning Gorilla glass protection
  • 4G LTE
  • GPS, Wi-Fi
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB Storage

Design and Build

The design is the most integral part of this smartphone watch. Unlike any other smartphone watches, this one comes with a kids design which looks exactly like a toy watch for kids. Since it is designed for the kids, we don’t have to bother much about the design part. The device comes in Pink and Purple color combination and Blue variant. However, our review unit was in Pink and Purple combination and it looks very childish.

Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch - Designed for Kids, in their way! 12When considering the price, the build quality will not meet your expectation. In fact, it looks like a cheap Chinese toy until the screen is on. The app interfaces and the functionality is excellent, except the body build. The straps are removable and made up of rubber. You can get it changed at any local watch shops without any efforts. The navigation button and power button are also made up of plastic and look like very low-quality material. They are placed at the right side of the watch.

The device comes with a SIM port which is placed at the left side of the device. You can use a microSIM using the tray provided. Overall, the design is best for kids, but the build quality is average.

Hardware & Functionality

Ojoy A1 is not just a smartwatch, but it is a complete smartphone for your child. Most parents always worry about their child’s safety. They often think about buying a smartphone for their kids, so that they can track them and keep in touch with the kid. But the parents consider the negative side of smartphones and their consequences. If you are one of those parents, Ojoy is your next partner.

[bs-quote quote=”Ojoy A1 is a complete smartphone for your child with parent-controlled features and functionality. With Ojoy A1 smart phone watch, you can always keep in touch with your kid and track their activities. Its communication feature is really outstanding! ” style=”style-13″ align=”center” color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.59)” author_name=”Akhil G” author_job=”Chief Editor – AndroidHits” author_avatar=””][/bs-quote]

The smartwatch comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset to carry out the all the operations of the device. As mentioned above, it runs on Kido OS, which is very comfortable for the kids. The device has a 1.4-inch Retina display with Corning Gorilla glass protection on top. The watch is waterproof with IP68 waterproof certification. It has a 512MB RAM for handling the functions of the cute small watch. The incredible 4GB storage space is really great as it lets the kid store a lot of photos and videos. It has sensors for GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE, so the complete connectivity is assured.

Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch - Designed for Kids, in their way! 13The smartphone watch is designed basically for kids and it has voice calling feature along with Geo fencing and live location tracking. It has a built-in speaker and camera for complete media experience. It has sensors for step counting and location tracking so that you can use it for your kid’s fitness as well.

Software & Camera

The Ojoy A1 comes with a forked version of Android, ie; Kido OS, that is designed for the kids. The UI elements, icons, settings, apps and everything is for kids and in a funny style. The interface of the watch is really cute and satisfies every single kid. Calls can be made to family and friend, within the white-list added by a parent on the companion App. The companion app for a smartphone is really good and it includes all the functionalities and controls for the smartwatch. With that app, you can remotely connect with your kid and make calls. In addition to calls, you can also send and receive messages.

Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch - Designed for Kids, in their way! 14Parents can receive messages with the companion app, while friends with the same watch can also receive messages. Kids can send the following type of messages from the watch to parents and friends: Voice messaging up to 60s a time, Pictures/videos, Preset text messages, Emojis, etc. The step counter app on the watch is feature-rich. Kids can check steps, distance, calories on the watch. Parents can also check kids’ activity level on the companion app. Kido OS is designed for kids, it is full of animations and cute interface. Very intuitive and fun to play with.

Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch - Designed for Kids, in their way! 15Ojoy A1 tracks your child’s steps throughout the day and ranking amongst other children. As you child walk and achieve active target each day, the Kido character inside will gradually upgrade to different levels. You can set up calendar events in the App, a good tool to keep your child on schedule for schools and afterschool activities You can also assign tasks to your child and give them reward stickers in the watch.

Review: Ojoy A1 Smart Phone Watch - Designed for Kids, in their way! 16The Ojoy A1 Smartwatch phone has a 2-megapixel sensor on the front side of the smartwatch. The camera quality is really good for that watch. We have tried taking several selfies with the built-in filters on the app. The output quality is impressive and we are giving 100% mark to the camera sensors.


The Ojoy A1 is a good choice for your child if you care about them. However, the pricing of the smartwatch is a bit higher and is not affordable for normal parents. We wish the pricing could have a bit lower than what it is now. Anyways, considering the features offered by the watch, it is still a good product to check out.






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