Exclusive Report: Google Pixel devices in 2019 would be powered with Exynos Chipsets

Most of the Android smartphones, especially the flagship ones are powered with the SoCs by the USA-based semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm, which nowadays being a dominant name in CPU market. Recently the tech company has showcased a couple of laptops with their own smartphone-based chipsets, showing off a PC-like powerful performance. Still, many other companies like Samsung and Huawei use their own Chipsets too along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon System-on-Chips, namely Exynos and HiSilicon Kirin respectively. Samsung’s Exynos has managed to grab a great name among smartphone lovers after the Qualcomm Chipsets. As being one of the largest electronics manufacturing company across the globe, the Samsung is continuing to release an improved version of their Exynos Chipset every now and then.

With the release of Exynos 9810 couple of days ago, which is actually supposed to power the forthcoming flagship from Galaxy S-series, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ with AI-capability including, the tech world has been amazed with its overwhelming performance and benchmarking scores. As the company has improved a lot in chipset manufacturing, a report from our reliable source suggests that the tech giant Google is currently in discussion with the Samsung to include their Chipset in Google Pixel lineup smartphone launching from 2019. However, it is not sure how much is the success rate of the discussion happened between the companies in sharing the hardware by next year. According to t the market analysts, the latest move from the Google is based on the record performance of Exynos chipsets which put the Qualcomm under pressure.

Exclusive Report: Google Pixel devices in 2019 would be powered with Exynos Chipsets 2
Image Source: samsung.com

Interestingly, Google is not the first brand to approach the Samsung for the Exynos chipset. Chinese smartphone brand Meizu has been powering their flagship devices with Exynos chipset since 2016, and their next device is also said to have an Exynos under the hood.

It is still an unanswered question that why the Google could not obviously achieve in-house chipset manufacturing, like many other prominent brands. As they have acquired the HTC’s Pixel manufacturing unit wholely, at least they should have put their hands on to make a complete “Madeby Google” smartphone. Anyways, it seems to be a ‘not bad’ action to move away from Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets and use more powerful and efficient Exynos chips by next year. Although, both the brands have spoken a word regarding the topic. We have to wait until official confirmation comes out.

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