Report: Amazon is working on their own smartphone lineup codenamed as Ice

Amazon is trying to dominate the cloud and online world with their more enhanced technologies. As part of that, they released so many Amazon products such as Fire TV stick, Fire tablets, etc.

Now looks like the tech giant is planning to jump into the ever-evolving smartphone model.  According to a report by Gadgets360, Amazon is working on to bring back their mobile business with a new lineup named as Ice. If it is true, the new Ice smartphones from the Amazon would be a successor of their old Fire phones.

Anyway, Amazon has to work hard to compete with the leading market kings. However, things are changing. Amazon recently hired a special team to research on the company’s future business plans.

Back in 2014, Amazon had launched a series of devices named Fire, including Firephone and Firetablet with too tier specs including Snapdragon 800 chipset onboard. They also offered some best features from Amazon in-house developer team including Free access to Amazon prime services for 1 year and many. But those devices couldn’t withstand against other manufacturers which provided Android device with Google services provided where Amazon didn’t. Now, it seems like the company is getting ready for a coming back with another series of devices named ‘Ice’, yeah, the names – Fire, Ice. However, many sources tell us that the device could possibly feature a midrange specs, as experimentally‚Äč including 5.5inch display and Snapdragon 435 Chipset with 2/3/4 GB RAM.

It is still unclear whether the device is just a rumour only, or the company officials have it under their sleeves. Anyways, we believe that there is a project device named Ice under testing. Wait for it.