Push Drum Pad is free to Download for 24 Hours as myAppFree of the Day


As usual today’s free app which is available to download for free is Push Drum Pad. Push Drum Pad is the today’s myAppFree deal. You can download this app as free for 24 hours. The actual cost of the app is $2.27, but within 24 hours you can download it for free.

PushPad DJ Music is a free application like DJ pad to produce music. This version is to make electronic and house music. This application contains a soundpack of 800 samples organized by category :
Atmosphere, Bass, Beat, Chord, Drum, FX, Keyboard, Lead, Percussion, Synth, Vocal.

You can configure many settings for each sound : volume, mode push, single, repeat, echo..

So don’t wait, grab the deal now.

Kloosless Drum Pads Machine
Kloosless Drum Pads Machine
Developer: DJ-PAD-MUSIC
Price: Free+

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