PUBG Mobile app now counts over 10 million daily active user-base

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PUBG, one of the most popular shooting game now hits the record margin of 10 million daily active user-base. That means, the mobile version of this strategical shooting game now has over 10 million users each day. The company launched the PUBG Mobile game in this May and had attracted over 10 million active daily users in a very short time frame. The game is now available in all countries except China. But still, it is the first one in the action/strategy listing of Google Play store and Apple app store.

PUBG has serious competition from the mobile version of Fortnite, but the daily active players, a reference to those who return to the game every day, are impressive. Also, Fortnite hasn’t yet revealed its total number of active daily users or the total downloads. However, as per the reports, Fortnite has earned more revenue than that of PUBG. Considering PUBG as a free game, there is no need to wonder about these revenue changes.

Image source: tencent

For those who have played the PC version, PUBG Mobile will feel familiar in many ways. Obvious design limitations mean the journey to your first chicken dinner might not follow the same path. It is worth praising the fantastic back-end work and the overall graphical enhancements in the mobile version. Maybe that’s how they attracted this much of users to their platform in a short time.

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